VibrantVegan|ˈvībrənt vēgən|:
An ebullient example of supreme health and fitness. A strong, fit, caring, compassionate, enthusiastic person who deliberately chooses to live a joyful, exuberant, vibrantly healthy, plant-powered life!

Having vibrant, radiant health is a consequence of living a specific lifestyle.

The Four Fundamentals Factors for facilitating fantastic fitness and effervescent health are:

Nutritional Excellence
Eat a nutrient-dense whole-food, plant-based diet

Exuberant Movement
Practice playful movement/exercise every day

Consciously Connected
Cultivate mindfulness and an awareness of your deep connection to planet, place and people

Passion & Purpose
Deliberately and joyfully create a meaning-filled life

Do you want to thrive?

Be a Vibrant Vegan!

Disease is Optional

Being sick, tired, overweight, and out-of-shape is voluntary! Life presents us with many choices: what to drink, think, do or not do, eat, et cetera. Choice is creation. In every choice we have the power to create our future. The choices we make today determine the quality of our life tomorrow. If you want to be healthy, fit, joyful and vibrant, you absolutely must make choices that produce these results. We decide our health and the quality of our life by the lifestyle we choose.

We live in an orderly universe which follows laws. One such law is the law of cause and effect. Absolutely nothing happens without a cause. Disease has a cause. Vibrant health has a cause. We cause sickness or health in ourselves through our daily choices. Do the things that cause disease and you end up sick. Do the things that cause vibrant, beautiful health, and that is what you get. It doesn’t happen any other way. We are not the passive recipients of ill or good health. We are the active creators of ill or good health.

Society is Sick

In our society we are encouraged to make food and lifestyle choices which destroy health. We are encouraged to eat meat, milk and processed food. A diet based on the muscles and milk of animals and the processed food of multinational corporations makes humans sick. We are encouraged to do as little as possible. A sedentary, cubicle sitting, T.V. watching, car commuting, elevator taking, docile lifestyle makes humans sick. If you want to be sick, be a submissive, compliant citizen. If you want to thrive, be an assertive, active, passionate follower of the VibrantVegan Lifestyle! In a world where cancer and heart disease are the number one killers, where over 70% of the population is overweight and out of shape, VibrantVegans stand out as brilliant examples of human health potential.

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