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Don't you just love crunchy, salty snacks? We sure do. Potato or tortilla chips would be the perfect snack if it weren't for the fact they are low in vital micro-nutrients and high in fat.

If there is one thing we vegans are good at when it comes to food, it is finding great tasting alternatives to old standbys.

So, what is the chip alternative? Kirsten's Raw Vegan Kale Chips.

We are really excited to tell you about Kirsten's new ebook, "20 Amazing Raw Vegan Kale Chip Recipes!"

These 20 AMAZING KALE CHIP RECIPES really are the best ever--We're serious. Kirsten spent so much time creating, testing, more testing (aka eating and eating) various trial recipes until the whole family(the kiddos love them too!) decided which recipes were the very very very best! You, your family, your friends, your neighbors, co-workers, classmates--whomever, will absolutely and positively become a lover of these RAW VEGAN KALE CHIPS!

This e-Book is a great deal too! You could maybe buy a bag of kale chips at your local health food store for the price of this e-book, but that's it--one little bag! But for just $ 4.97(The regular price is $6.97 but we wanted to give you a discount for subscribing to our e-Zine.) you have 20 of the BEST KALE CHIP RECIPES IN THE UNIVERSE, forever, in your home, ready for you to use ANYTIME YOU WANT.

Ok, that's it. We think you'll love this e-Book. RAW VEGAN KALE CHIPS are delicious, nutritious, fun to eat, and extra-supremely-yummy!

Take advantage of this special price now, it is going up to $6.97 on the 12th of August. Click Here for AMAZING RAW VEGAN KALE CHIPS!

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