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Getting Your Family To Eat Vegan Food


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Getting Your Family To Eat Vegan Food

Dear Friends,

Kirsten and I recently received this question:

"I am vegan but my family isn't. I know eating this way is healthy and I want my family to eat more vegan foods. It would be great to transition them to a vegan diet completely. Can you help?"

Here is our reply:

Thank you for your question and your commitment to making yourself and your family healthier.

One of the tricks to making healthy meals for your family is to give them vegan versions of the things they are used to eating. For example, if you family is used to burgers give them meatless burgers. The important thing here is to give them tastes they are familiar with. Vegan food should be fun and tasty! Nobody wants to eat bland, boring, healthy(Yuck!) food.

We have found that education is extremely important. Teach you family the "why" of what you are cooking, or not cooking. Teach them the health consequences of their food choices. When they know why you are cooking healthy vegan meals they will be more receptive to trying them.

Check out the wonderful vegan and raw vegan recipes on our site at:

We hope this helps you get your family to eat more vegan food. The more whole, vegan food they eat, the healthier and more vibrant they will be. Happy cooking.

Have a beautiful day and expect great things!

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Be Vegan, Be Vibrant!

Derrick & Kirsten