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Yummy Vegan Snack Ideas
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Yummy Vegan Snack Ideas

Our kids love to snack. Snacking seems to be the way the most children prefer to eat at this point in their lives. Yep, they’ll stop for dinner, but these active, busy beings just don’t want to stop their play to have a meal.

In order to make sure our kids are getting plenty of calories and nutrients, we’re very mindful in choosing the snack foods we have in our house.

Here’s a small sampling of the vegan snacks we have inour home:

-Nut and seed butters (peanut butter, almond butter, pecan and walnut butters, pumpkin seed butter, sunflower seed butter, tahini, and on and on and on) with just about anything you can imagine: • Fruit slices dipped in a favorite nut/seed butter

• Veggies dipped in a tahini-lemon-garlic blend

• Peanut butter on the a whole grain slice of toast

• Bananas covered in nut/seed butter then rolled in coconut flakes/raisins

• Peanut butter spread over celery, with or without a sprinkling of raisins

• A tablespoon of nut/seed butter tossed into a quickie green smoothie

• Peanut butter and jam smothered over a whole grain tortilla

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