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Happy New Year
What is so great about fruit?


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Happy New Year!

We here at Vibrant Vegan wish you a year full of peace, joy, and amazingly vibrant health!

To help you on your road to making 2011 a wonderful year, the theme for the newsletter for the next few weeks (which could possibly turn into months considering how long it takes us to do just about anything) will be, “What’s So Great About…?” We’ll give you our take on the “greatness” of that week’s featured food, exercise, organization, book, product---anything we think is great that will change your life for the better!

So this week, it’s “What’s So Great About Fruit?”

What is so great about fruit?

Fruit is almost a perfect food--it's full of phytonutrients, fiber, water; it contains protein, vitamins, and minerals. Raw fruit is one of the best "food groups" on the planet!

Here’s a link to our 30-Day Raw Vegan Fruit Project. Click here to find out “What’s So Great About Fruit?” On each of the 30 Days we feature a different fruit and we share with you:

• important nutritional information

• health benefits you'll get from eating that fruit

• scientific research regarding the day's featured fruit

• interesting trivia

• any funny or quirky facts we think you'd find interesting

And the best part...

We'll also give you a delicious Low-fat Raw Vegan Recipe featuring the day's fruit. Each recipe will contain between 300 and 400 calories and will serve 1-2 people.

Hara Hachi What?

Hara hachi bu. It is an Okinawan saying that means, “Eat only until 80% full.” This sage advice has helped to make the Okinawans some of the longest lived people on the planet. In this age of information overload, we think the same advice applies to the information we consume. In that spirit, we designed this information to be consumed a little bit each day over 30 days.

Eating more fresh, raw fruit is one HUGE thing you can do to be that Vibrant You.

So, check in each day for a scrumptious bite of information you can use.

Thanks for visiting our Website often, and sharing it with your friends!

Here’s that link again “What’s So Great About Fruit?”

Be Vegan, Be Vibrant!

Derrick & Kirsten