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What is so Great About Vegan Veggie Soup?
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What is so Great About Vegan Veggie Soup?

Thanks for asking. Let us enumerate the ways:

1- Vegetable soups are overflowing with nutrients!!! They are so very good for you because they are made with a variety of vegetables (which we all know are the best foods on the planet).

2- Veggie soups are full of water! By weight, our bodies are almost 2/3 water. Every system in our bodies needs ample water to function. Water is crucial to our health and survival. A soup is a great way to get your food and water all in the same bowl!

3- Vegetable soups are so easy to make! Just fill a pot with some water, toss in some chopped veggies, add your favorite seasonings, let it cook for 30 minutes on medium heat--you have yourself a soothing, warm, filling, super healthy meal.

4- Soups are a great way to use up your leftovers! Have a couple carrot and celery sticks just waiting for you in your fridge? What about that cup of rice from last night’s dinner? Do you have just 1 or 2 potatoes lingering in a dark corner somewhere? And those lentils leftover from lunch, throw those in too.

5- Vegetable-based soups are an inexpensive way to feed a crowd, or just one person. You can’t get much cheaper than water, carrots, potatoes, onions, cabbage, tofu, and some spices.

6- Vegan Vegetable Soups are versatile! Once you have a basic recipe, you can pop just about anything into your veggie soup. Squash (winter and summer varieties), grains (rice, millet, quinoa, barley, wheat berries, etc.), legumes (lentils, pinto beans, chickpeas, black beans, aduki beans, to name a few), vegetables galore (asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, onions, kale, chard, spinach, and on and on and on…) Oh, and remember you can season a soup in just about any way you can possibly imagine! Use fresh or dried herbs, cumin, chili powder, garlic, or your favorite curry.

7- Vegan veggie soups are low in fat and calories! There’s nothing but goodness in a big pot of vegetables, maybe some grains, and some legumes.

Here’s a recipe for one of our favorite very basic, yet totally delicious Vegan Vegetable Soups:

In 1/4 cup water, saute until soft the following 4 ingredients:

2-3 carrots 1 medium onion, finely chopped 1-2 stalks celery 1-3 cloves garlic, minced (3 if you love garlic, 1 if you just like a hint of garlic flavor)

Add the next 3 ingredients, bring to boil, then simmer: 2 cups cabbage 1 cup chopped broccoli 6 cups water or vegetable broth

Add the following ingredients, then simmer, covered, until veggies are tender, probably 30-40 minutes:

1-2 cups favorite cooked beans 1 cup cooked brown rice

Add salt and pepper to taste. That’s it. A tasty vegan soup that will serve 4-6 people.

Veggie soups made on a regular basis are a simple, filling, nutrient-dense way to warm, improve the health of, and show you love...yourself and others.

Vegan Vegetable-Based soups are a magnificent, wonderful, and GREAT way to help you on your journey to being the most vibrant you possible.

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