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Happy Valentine's Day!


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Happy Valentine's Day!

This year, instead of a romantic dinner, decadent chocolates, rich desserts, roses, and any other "this is how to celebrate Valentine's Day" event, food,or object, why not celebrate this year by truly LOVING?

Do something for yourself to express your love and appreciation for you. Make sure it's something you'll feel great about doing afterward--physically, mentally, spiritually. Here are a few ideas:

• meditate for a few minutes

• go for a run or fast walk

• eat a delicious, healthy salad

• do some yoga

• look in a mirror and tell yourself how wonderful you think you are

• dance and sing like crazy to your favorite FAST song

• tape a list of all the things you like about yourself to your fridge

• make yourself a super green smoothie

Next, do something to show your love to a neighbor. You could:

• write a little note telling them how much you love having them for a neighbor

• make and deliver them a healthy dish

• give your neighbor a small potted plant

• share your favorite seeds for your spring garden

And then, you could do something for a friend or family member living far away, like:

• send an e-mail telling them how much you miss and love them

• write a letter saying the above and more (just good stuff)

• order a fruit basket to be delivered to your loved friend or family

• send them your favorite (love) song via the internet

• sing to them over the phone

Finally, give some love to your loved one(s) at home. Here are just a few of the zillions of things you could do:

• make them a nutritious and delicious vegan meal (it's ok to keep it simple)

• suggest a run or walk together

• play outside (really PLAY) rain or shine

• write them a little "love" note

• draw a picture expressing your love

• make them the yummiest green smoothie ever

• write a song, then perform it live

• tell them all the reasons you love them

Make this Valentine's Day one to make you and the lives of those around you overflow with love. Make the 14th of February one of the most precious, most meaningful and important days of your year. Choose to do something this Valentine's Day to fill your life with even more love and make our world a more loving place.

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