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What is so great about sprouted Buckwheat?
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What is so great about sprouted Buckwheat?

Are you ready for a crunchy, sweet or salty (depending on your choice of flavors) topping for everything under the sun, or even a meal in and of itself?

How about some Sprouted Buckwheat!

Sprouted buckwheat is a perfect food for just about anyone---

So, what is so great about sprouted Buckwheat?

-sprouted buckwheat is wheat and gluten free -it contains all 8 essential amino acids -sprouted buckwheat could lower blood pressure -it contains lots of lecithin, which has been shown to help lower LDL cholesterol levels -buckwheat is high in calcium and boron, which can help prevent osteoporosis

So here’s how we like to sprout buckwheat:

Make sure you’re using the greenish colored, whole, untoasted, raw buckwheat.

Soak your desired amount of buckwheat in about twice as much water for 30-60 minutes.

Drain the water off, then rinse and drain once more (using a colander, sprouting jar lid, or some other handy device with very small holes). The slimy film you’ll notice is totally normal, but one reason why rinsing and especially draining well is very important.

Place the soaked buckwheat into a glass quart (or larger) jar, or other container (a large bowl or baking dish covered with a thin dish towel is great too) where they have plenty of air. In just a couple of days, you’ll notice tiny “tails” beginning to sprout from the buckwheat.

Refrigerate the sprouts as they are and use on salads, in smoothies, in cereals, as the cereal--sprinkle these nutrient-rich goodies onto anything!

For a sweet, even crunchier treat, and a way to extend the life of your buckwheat sprouts:

-mix the sprouts with agave nectar (1 tablespoon per 1-2 cups sprouts) and a pinch of salt, and dry/dehydrate overnight.

For a more savory version stir into the buckwheat sprouts:

-1-2 teaspoon agave, salt, 1/4 teaspoon chili powder/pinch of cayenne (or your favorite Mexican-ish spice), and a bit of lime juice. Spread evenly in your dehydrator and dry overnight.

Buckwheat sprouts are versatile, delicious, extra nutritious, and easy to make. They’ll be an excellent addition to your already-eating-healthier way of life!

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