Free Ab Workout Programs
30-Day Core Conditioning Challenge

Free Ab Workout Programs!

You are just 30 short days from the strongest, fittest core of your entire life!

Kirsten and I would like to invite you to join us on a 30-day Core Conditioning Challenge which includes Six Free Workout Programs!

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What is this Core Conditioning Challenge is all about?

Free Ab Workout Programs

It is about:

▪ Getting you stronger

▪ Increasing your energy

▪ Making you healthier

▪ Eliminating back pain

▪ Improving your posture

▪ Improving your digestion

▪ Narrowing your waist

▪ Firming and flattening your stomach

Our goal with the challenge and the free ab workout programs is to help you get healthier and stronger in the next 30 days!

Here is how it will work:

You will do a 10 minute core conditioning workout every day for the next 30 days. You just have to commit to 10 minutes a day? Can you do that for yourself? Even the busiest person can find 10 minutes to make themselves stronger and healthier. You can too!

Every 5 days for the next 30 day you will get a new Free Ab Workout Program. Each new program builds on the last. It is important to do your 10 minutes of work each day so you can progress to the next workout.


if you do the get the reward-a stronger, healthier you!

What is this going to cost you?

As a professional personal trainer I make $75 hour. It took Kirsten and I about 30 hours to bring you these free ab workout programs, and daily tips and information that goes with each day.

So, in terms of our professional time, the value of this 30-Day Core Conditioning Challenge is over $2000. But all it is going to "cost" you is 10 minutes a day to do the work and your success story.

Kirsten and I want the satisfaction of knowing we helped to make your life better. So, we are giving you a FREE, professionally designed, 30-Day Co*re Conditioning program in exchange for your success story. And we promise, if you do the work over the 30 days you will get fantastic results.

When does it start?

Whenever you make the decision to take action! Doing challenges like this with others makes them more fun, easier to stick to and increases your level of commitment. So, decide to take action and get a few friends or your family together to do this with you.

Before you start the Core Conditioning Challenge do these 4 things:

1)Download your 30-Day Core Conditioning Success Log(PDF File). It is the perfect thing for you to record your measurements and log your workouts.

2)While here subscribe to our RSS feed to easily get your daily updates.

3)In your Success Log, record the results of the core assessments which are described in the Success Log.

4)Bookmark this page so you can come back to get your daily bit of helpful info and your weekly workouts.

Thank you for committing to the 30-Day Co*re Conditioning Challenge. Talk to you soon! If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  We love to connect with our community

Be vegan, be vibrant!

Across the top of the table below you will see links to each of your workouts. Below that you will find a short video or article which corresponds to each day of the program. Remember to share your success story!

Workout 1 Workout 2 Workout 3 Workout 4 Workout 5 Workout 6
Day 1-Flat Stomach Exercise Day 6-Belly Breathing for Better Abs! Day 11-Strong, Graceful Body! Day 16-Bruce Lee's Core? Day 21-Ab Workout Success Day 26-Balancing for the Best At Home Ab Workout
Day 2-Why No Ab Crunches? Day 7-Ab Workout Success Secret Day 12-Effective Ab Workouts Day 17-Your Co*re & A Tree? Day 22-Foods For Fab Abs Day 27-The Power of 10
Day 3-The Vegan Abs Diet Day 8-Perfect Posture, Perfect Health! Day 13-Extreme Self Care! Day 18-Progress, Not Perfection! Day 23-S.A.I.D. What? Day 28-Myth of Spot Reduction
Day 4-Core Stability Day 9- Fun Ab Exercise! Day 14-Mind Body Exercise Day 19-Great Ab Workouts! Day 24-Secret To Good Ab Workouts Day 29-Your Core Workout Results
Day 30-You Made It!

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