Gluten, soy, and bean sensitivities

by Melissa
(Los Angeles)


I absolutely LOVE your website!!! My friend Eva sent me the link and I cannot get enough of it!

I have been vegetarian on and off for many years. Falling back to meat when pressure from family or just my weak will strikes. But now, my children and I are fully committed to a vegan life! We started on Dec. 27, 2010, so this is day 11 of being vegan.

My youngest son has celiac's disease so we are a gluten free home. He is also intolerant to soy, as am I. My oldest son and I are intolerant to beans. I am concerned about protein (probably a newbie concern!) and want to make sure, with our limited nutritional choices, that we are getting the proper nutrition.

Both of my children are very thin and can't afford to lose an ounce. I, on the other hand, could stand to lose 15 pounds and I'm hoping that a vegan diet will help me accomplish this.

Do you have any advice for us? Tips or tricks to get enough protein and nutrients into our diets?

Thanks so much.


Hello Melissa!

We are glad you like our website. Thanks for your great question. Getting enough protein is a common concern for newbies and old timers alike. This concern is more the product of marketing than nutritional science.

The science says if you eat enough calories from a varied vegan diet you don't really have to worry about protein. Given all your limitations, we would suggest you focus your diet on starchy veggies like potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, winter squash, and peas. Since you are sensitive to beans the peas might be an issue too--but give them a try. In addition to the starchy veggies, eat a lot of non-starchy veggies, leafy greens, fruit, and seeds/nuts. Hemp seeds are a great way to get protein and essential fatty acids into your diet. Try them in a smoothie.

We make nuts, seeds, veggies, and fruit freely available to our 3 children all day. They are all healthy, strong, lean and vibrant. Again, as long as you are getting enough calories from a variety of foods you will probably get more than enough protein.

We hope this helps.

Have a beautiful, vibrant day!

Kirsten and Derrick

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Jan 12, 2011
Thank you!
by: Melissa

Thank you for your help! We are absolutely LOVING the vegan life!!! In just two short weeks I have renewed energy, have lost 9 pounds, and I feel fantastic!!! There is a lightness about me that I haven't felt in a long time.

Thanks again for your help and advice, and for this wonderful site. I visit everyday to gain new information, and to reiterate to myself and my children what a great thing we're doing for ourselves, for our animal friends, and for our planet.

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