Are YOU Ready to
Go Beyond Good?

Go Beyond Good

Are you ready to Go Beyond Good?

 As you may know, Derrick is a full-time fitness professional.  He trains clients one-on-one, teaches group exercise classes, presents on health and fitness topics, and teaches continuing education classes for fellow fitness pros.  Derrick has a colleague, Alison Ozgur, a registered dietitian. 

  Alison facilitates classes in Plant-based Nutrition for the T. Colin Campbell Foundation through Cornell University. She is the Washington and Oregon state coordinator for the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Why are we telling you this? 

  Because Derrick and Alison teamed up to write a guide book for living vibrantly and it is available now! 

 The book was born out of Alison and Derrick's desire to give their clients all  the information they would need to be successful.  Most (99%) of the clients they work with come to them for weight loss.  They ask those people:  Would you like to look and feel younger? Would you like more energy and magnificent health? Would you like to reduce the likelihood of suffering from heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer?   Of course  the answer to all those questions is an enthusiastic "Yes!". 

 So,  Alison and Derrick wrote, "Go Beyond Good  -The Trail to a Lifetime of Health and Fitness", in order to facilitate massive, healthy change. This isn't another book about losing weight (although you probably will). It is a book about gaining the health and youthfulness you deserve.  You can get your own copy of this concise, highly-usable, easy-to-read, life-changing book.  You can get a copy directly from Derrick and Alison or you can pick up a copy on Amazon.

How are you? 

 Good.  Good is OK. You can live there if you want. Great. Great is a better place to be. But magnificent! Yeah, that’s the kind of life we want for you. A magnificent life is built on health and vitality. You can be magnificent—and we will guide you there!

Yes, I Want to Make My Life Magnificent!  Two Ways to Grab Your Book:

Get Your Book Directly From Derrick and Alison.  No Shipping Charges and we will sign the book for you! $15

Get Your Book From Amazon.

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