i began today

by Mabel

Hi my name is MABEL. I have been surfing the web for ways to lose weight and slim my waist. came across this very program. so i am gonna give it a chance. i just finished the first day. i thought it was easy but man i haven't cussed out this much since i was born. looking forward to day two. am 23, 5'3", i weigh 140lbs, bust 34, waist 32(what a shame), hips 38. i am trying to get healthy and fit for my own good. i just hope i lose at least 10" off my waist and maybe 20lbs in general. i'll keep posting. i hope this works.

Hello Mabel,
Congratulations on starting the 30-day Core Conditioning Challenge. What we consistently find is the people who stick to the program and follow it through to the end get great results. Keep us posted on your progress.

Derrick & Kirsten

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