by Gary Clark
(Suffolk UK)

Hi Guys.

As mentioned in one of your videos, we are all part of a very big experiment. I played my own part in this experiment in recent years.

Now, I am not writing here to have a go at vegans or to promote meat eating but, when I look around the world and read lots (7 years worth) of studys and books on nutrition, I can see no vegan race or even small group/tribe anywhere on the planet. This worries me. All the long lived and healthy peoples of this world consumed some animal flesh and dairy products without exception. The most studied of these would be the Hunzas, Okinawans, Vilcabambans and Abkhasians. Some have tried to downplay the amounts of animal products eaten by these groups but the fact remains that it constitutes about 10% (by calories) of their diet.

I was convinced a few years ago that the vegan diet was the ultimate diet for health and longevity. the "China Study" was to blame for this. 3 years into this and the numerous symptoms I was suffering could no longer be put down to "detox"!! I will add that my diet was entirely whole foods and supposedly very healthy. For the first few days I experienced levels of energy that I remember having as a child. I exercise every day and broke all my records in those first few days. However, it did not last long. Within a week or two I was back to the same energy levels as before and it has been very slowly downhill since then. This diet lasted 3 years and some of my symptoms became worrying so I researched harder than ever and found myself on some very informative pages regarding meat consumption and the vital role it plays

in tissue repair. A role that cannot be played by plant foods as it is based around the consumption of cholesterol and other nutrients simply not found in plant foods. (Our livers do not produce enough cholesterol for this.) I am now 4 months into eating Grass fed beef, lamb and small wild fish along with most of the "healthy" part of my vegan diet. My symptoms have almost gone already. The following statement is the point I would like to make:


My diet now consists of a wide variety of healthy meats, fruits and veges with a little grains, nuts, seeds etc.

I think that unless vegans can figure out how to supplement all that they miss from not eating high quality animal products, (opinion only) that they will eventually suffer some sort of body malfunction as did I. I also believe that supplements are unnatural and un-neccessary with the correct diet.

As i said, this is not vegan bashing. I have been one and learned an awful lot about eating well, and it will remain as 90% of my diet. I also say well done to those that can make it work for them but I am not one of them.

Just for the record, My vegan diet consisted of whole grains, fruits, veges, salads, nuts, seeds, avocados and all the other "right foods" that are suggested for the healthy vegan diet. We were/are not potato chip vegans!!

I hope you can find time to reply as I would be most interested in your comments. I am happy for you to post this on your website along with your comments if you should wish.

Gary Clark

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