VibrantVegan |ˈvībrənt vēgən|:
An ebullient example of supreme health and fitness. A strong, fit, caring, compassionate, enthusiastic person who deliberately chooses to live a joyful, exuberant, vibrantly healthy, plant-powered life!

Vibrant Vegan

Having vibrant, radiant health comes from living a specific lifestyle, the VibrantVegan Lifestyle.

The Four Fundamentals of the VibrantVegan Lifestyle:

Nutritional Excellence
Eat a whole food, low-fat, high-raw vegan diet

Exuberant Movement
Practice playful movement/exercise every day

Consciously Connected
Cultivate an awareness of your deep connection to planet, place and people

Passion & Purpose
Deliberately and joyfully create a meaning-filled life

Do you want thrive?

Be a VibrantVegan!

Dec 10, 2018

Nutritional Excellence

Want to live the longest, healthiest life possible? What daily decision determines your health the most? Nutritional excellence is the way to maximize your health and longevity.

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Apr 10, 2013

Soil, soul and society: Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar is an internationally renowned speaker on ecological and spiritual issues. When he was only nine years old, Satish renounced the world and joined the wandering brotherhood of Jain monks. He left the monastic order and became a campaigner for land reform, working to turn Gandhi's vision of a peaceful world into reality, before undertaking an 8,000 mile peace pilgrimage, walking from India to America without any money, through deserts, mountains, storms and snow.

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